"RETAIL" is a funny new play set on the sales floor of "Bliss and Beauty World," a store that sells self-care at a discount. The store runs on coupons and sales, which also brings in the Karens of the world, whose shopping style is more STEAL than DEAL. Speaking of stealing, shop-lifters have become a BIG problem at Bliss & Beauty World. Thanks to a very lax policy on prosecuting shoplifters, thieves are coming in and helping themselves to bags full of candles and lotions. Colette, the zealous store manager, has had it with all the Karens and the shop-lifters. She sets out to stop them, even if she has to tackle one to the floor. But the closer she gets to the source, the more she realizes: this may be an inside job!

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**Cocktail Hour ticket includes: a specialty cocktail, snacks by Chef Joshua, and a meet-and-greet with a very special mystery guest!!**


Friday, 3/24 - 7:30 (cocktail hour starts at 6:30)

Saturday, 3/25 - 2 PM (cocktail hour starts at 1)

Sunday, 3/26 - 2 PM (cocktail hour starts at 1)

Thursday, 3/30 - 7 PM **AKA, OUR LEADING LADY, STEF WILETTE'S, B-DAY SHOW!!** (cocktail hour starts at 6 PM)

Friday, 3/31 - 7:30 PM (cocktail hour starts at 6:30)