**COMING SUMMER 2022!! PREORDER NOW!!** A fast-paced essay collection about twenty-something, millennial life in NYC, told in two volumes: 2017 and 2015. In 2015, I had (some) money, and was trying to make it at the real estate firm that launched ‘Million Dollar Listing.’ By 2017, I was living in a windowless basement in Bushwick, trying to rent similar holes to others. I also took in a “stripper squatter,” who brought my life to a certain seedy vibration (but no greater intimacy was ever shared in squalor!) To quote Kerouac, “everything happened.” Irish whiskey was the blood, Adderall was the pulse, and wonder flitted and skidded through the mess like spring sun. But I credit male validation as my favorite drug, “a bolt of Nirvana with the longevity of Bazooka gum.” Ultimately redemptive, I somehow found enlightenment in the detritus of Bushwick Avenue. I got sober, stopped living only for my next $50, and yes—finished my book, the reason for it all.

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