"Generations" is both a toast and a roast of four generations: Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z. In this fun satire, we have one of each generation working at a father-son dentist office. Actually, we have two millennials, which means double the avocado toast, and double the 90s kids references (GigaPets and GoGurt are as sacred here as SNICK and Salute Your Shorts! IYKYK!) The story: Dr. Bob has had his dental practice for 30+ years, dammit. He'll retire when he's good and ready. He doesn't understand why anything has to change: why did metal fillings have to become composites? Why did paper scans have to become digital? WHEN DID THE WORLD GET SO COMPLICATED? His son, Miller, thinks his Dad is well past ripe for retirement. Miller's been patient, and he's paid his dues. Miller's a typical millennial, who prides himself on going to therapy, and invokes the hashtag: "#NotAllMen" to show how far along he is in his evolution. He and his Dad argue about as many times per day as they brush and floss. Thrust in the middle is Missy, Miller's dental assistant, with whom he's having an affair (shh!!). Missy is a calculating queen trying to survive under capitalism, using her hotness as a Trump card. Then, we have two receptionists--Genevieve Zodokoff and Jennifer Xlander--or Gen Z and Jen X, respectively. Each of them are stereotypes of their generations: Jen X is still stuck in the 90s, with her aerobics class, shoulder pads, and second-wave feminist values. Gen Z skips work to "protect her peace," and may quit the office full-stop when her OnlyFans takes off. Generational tension abounds in the office, as the characters differ on their approach to everything from sexual harassment, to patient care, to technology. There's an excoriating scene where they realize they're not so different...("Your 9/11 was my President Kennedy being shot.") Then, there's a shocking denouement which explains why Jen X and Dr. Bob have been so resistant to change all along. All of it drives home the searing truth: every generation becomes the one that birthed it...and your generation is eventually replaced by the next one (or maybe even A.I.!!!) CAST LIST: Iain McLellan - Dr. Miller Phil Oetiker - Dr. Bob Danielle Augustine - Missy Noy Marom - Gen X Connie Lee - Gen Z Directed by: Saturday Lawson SHOW DATES/TIMES: 6/14 - 7:30 PM 6/15 - 7:30 PM 6/16 - 2 PM 6/28 - 7:30 PM 6/30 - 2 PM All shows will be held at the Vino Theater, at 274 Morgan Avenue, in Brooklyn

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Thank you guys for taking an interest in our show!!

"Generations" is my fifth play, but my first performed in Brooklyn. It's largely inspired by working alongside my mother at her restaurant over the last 3-4 years. We certainly had our share of generational conflict. Love you, Mom! Thanks for letting me use your restaurant as my stage whenever I wanted!

My cast and I are thrilled to bring you this original production, which hopefully captures the gestalt of the American workplace. It's a thrill to work alongside a league of talented creators in Brooklyn, where my story started in '88. May it continue on, with many a sequel!