**AUTHOR SIGNED COPY** Welcome to Kentucky, where bourbon is king and old rivalries die hard. Misercordias is a millennial Romeo-Juliet story. It tells the tale of the Foleys and Walshes, two bourbon families who have famously been fighting for 50 years. The Foleys call themselves the first—“and best”—name in bourbon: their tony estate has been around since 1788, and their bourbon is the most expensive on the trail. They watch the Kentucky Derby from a private suite every May, and have vacation houses on every continent. The Walshes are party hardy, proudly bottling their bourbon in plastic jugs, and thumbing their noses at the Foley airs. Walsh is the official sponsor of frat parties and bachelor parties down south and beyond. The Foley heiress, Blaise, has been taught to hate the family next door, just like she’s been taught to parse out every note in her father’s oaky six-year bourbon. Then Blaise meets Patrick Walsh on her 21st birthday. The two begin an illicit relationship that threatens Blaise’s status as the heiress to Foley Bourbon. A power struggle breaks out between Blaise and her father that has her plotting to overthrow him. Meanwhile, a crypt of secrets is cracked open that will change the structure of Foley and Walsh forever. Grab your flask and saddle up your race horse: you’re in for a wild ride. **Please specify who you would like the author to make the signing out to.**

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