"Crazy Boy" is the much anticipated sequel to "Crazy Girl," a play that debuted in January 2022 to four sold-out shows! "Crazy Boy" is the story of Francisco, twin brother to Forsythia. Like Forsythia, he is bipolar and utterly dynamic, commanding the focus of any room he's in. Also like Forsythia, addiction is his constant companion--so much so that Addiction is its own character in the play! While Forsythia's poison was gin and pills, Francisco's vice is gambling. He can survive anywhere with a deck of cards and his guitar. But, he's just out of jail, and fed up with his old ways. Can he tune out the beguiling purr of his Addiction to find peace inside his own head? We've got three shows for you: -Friday, September 16 @ 7:30 PM -Saturday, September 17 @ 7:30 PM -Sunday, September 18 @ 2 PM You can buy a ticket for just a show ($20) or a ticket for a show + cocktail hour beforehand (which gets you a drink and some nummy appetizers!) Please click on the showtime and ticket time you want to reserve your seat! Thanks guys - can't wait to rock your world!

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